Eden Care Medical: Y Combinator’s latest health insurance bet in Africa ⚕️ 🇷🇼

Eden Care Medical: Y Combinator’s latest health insurance bet in Africa ⚕️ 🇷🇼

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In 2018, Moses Mukundi had a life-threatening health emergency. As an investment banker accessing health insurance, he needed the doctor to sign off on his form. “My insurance rejected paying a claim because the doctor had stamped but had not signed the claim form. I had an acute allergy attack and had to be treated immediately,” he said on a call with TechCabal. And as the turnaround time took much longer than usual, Mukundi had to pay out of his pocket to get treated.

Eden Care Medical, led by Moses Mukundi, is a health tech startup in Y Combinator's Summer 2023 class that aims to revolutionize healthcare access and insurance in Africa. Mukundi's personal experience with health insurance issues during a medical emergency inspired him to create the company. Eden Care Medical employs technology to simplify healthcare access by offering group life insurance and wellness plans. Their approach involves monthly premium payments instead of upfront annual payments, reducing fraudulent claims and generating viable plans. Mukundi's primary target market includes employed individuals, remote workers, and students.

Healthcare access and insurance penetration are limited in Africa, leading many to face financial difficulties due to medical bills. Eden Care Medical's app streamlines the process of seeing a doctor, reducing wait times significantly and making health insurance fast and hassle-free. The company's digital infrastructure connects various stakeholders, though it presents challenges in terms of complexity. The startup successfully raised funds and gained licenses despite regulatory hurdles, and it currently operates across 500 healthcare facilities.

With funding from Y Combinator, Eden Care Medical plans to expand into other African countries, leveraging the data they've collected to enhance their app's wellness and prevention features. Mukundi believes their participation in Y Combinator validates African healthcare growth and highlights the innovation of AI in diagnostics and record-keeping. The funding helps elevate their position, making fundraising and hiring easier. As the first company from Rwanda to join Y Combinator, Eden Care Medical aims to contribute to advancing healthcare in Africa.

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