Lagos Clamps Down on Uber Over Data Sharing Dispute 🇳🇬

Lagos Clamps Down on Uber Over Data Sharing Dispute 🇳🇬

Lagos, Nigeria's bustling tech epicenter, takes on global ride-hailing giant Uber in a contentious data-sharing standoff, leaving both residents and the tech community on edge.

Lagos, known for its vibrant tech scene, has accused Uber of violating a 2020 data-sharing agreement, highlighting tensions between the city's regulatory policies and tech companies. Uber, while emphasizing its commitment to compliance, faces pressure amid impounded vehicles and threats of app usage cessation from local transport unions.

The clash underscores broader challenges faced by tech firms navigating regulatory landscapes in African markets, as Uber contends with similar licensing issues in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, amid its commitment to providing reliable transportation services. 🚗💼

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