WhatsApp Hacks Make a Sneaky Comeback: How to Protect Your Account

WhatsApp Hacks Make a Sneaky Comeback: How to Protect Your Account

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It took Wuraola Onyeku about three weeks to realise that her partner was logged in to her WhatsApp account on his desktop. The first time she opened her WhatsApp after a night out with her friends to find herself in the middle of a conversation she couldn’t remember typing, she blamed the alcohol. The second time it happened, she blamed her poor memory on fatigue as she didn’t drink any alcohol. “I was always getting responses to messages I couldn’t remember sending, and at a point, I strongly believed I had a health condition that made me forget things easily,” she shared.

🔐 WhatsApp users are facing a resurgence of sneaky hacks that compromise their accounts.

📅 Two years ago, a massive worldwide hack via WhatsApp calls made headlines, and now hackers are finding even more insidious ways to breach security.

💼 Hackers are using methods like malware-laden spam messages, call-forwarding tricks, and even the new multi-device feature to gain unauthorized access.

📞 The call-forwarding hack involves tricking victims into calling specific MMI codes that reroute calls to the hacker's number, aiding them in account takeover.

🚀 WhatsApp's feature allowing one account on four devices opens up new opportunities for malicious access.

🔒 Protect your account with 2-factor authentication (2FA) and stay cautious about sharing codes or clicking suspicious links.

📢 As WhatsApp expands into communities and channels, user phone numbers become more exposed, making vigilance essential in safeguarding your account.

🛡️ While WhatsApp actively patches vulnerabilities, users must stay updated to benefit from the latest security measures.

Stay safe from WhatsApp hacks by staying informed and using 2FA! 

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