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Ever wondered about the buzz around cryptography but found it a bit like decoding a secret language? Fear not, because today's content is your friendly guide to understanding "cryptography!"

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For detailed study check out this link:

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Dear Brandies,

Hey, my fellow global brand owners! I hope you're doing fantastic and feeling all charged up to take on this week with a positive attitude and a can-do spirit!

I know Mondays can be tough, but let's not let that get in the way of achieving our brand goals. 

This week, let's challenge ourselves to do the impossible for our brands and push beyond our limits. Remember, you are capable of great things!

If you're looking for a way to connect with your audience on a deeper level, why not try creating user-generated content? This can be a great way to foster engagement and build trust with your audience, while also gaining valuable insights into what they care about most.

So go ahead and give it your all this week, and let's make some serious progress towards our brand goals. 

Wishing you all a productive and blessed week ahead!

Best regards,


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More tools to increase your productivity speedily

In continuation of my last content, here are some other tools you can use to be more productive.

1. Todoist: this software helps you plan and manage your tasks. You can set up a task, set a date you want to always reoccur and set reminders.

You can also create projects, add priorities, add labels and a description for your tasks. There is an option for you to create sections and subtasks.

With Todoist you can collaborate and assign tasks to your teammates. Planning and managing your tasks in these ways will greatly improve your productivity.

2. Calendly: helps easily schedule and automate bookings. You can fill in the days and time of your availability while your prospects select the time most suitable for them.

This can keep you organized and know what tasks or calls to do at a particular time.

3. Trello: helps in managing projects, deadlines and team members efficiently.

Your team can organize meetings, tasks, onboard to a new project or company, collate team ideas and share resources.

Trello can help your team take a task or project from, just started to successfully finished.

5. Loom: is a screen recording app that helps you share your video content across. Loom has a web and desktop version making it possible for use in your mobile and desktop devices.

6. Toggl: this tool can be used by small enterprises, freelancers and some other managerial roles to track time spent on tasks or activities.

It has a web, mobile and desktop version. Tracking time spent on activities can help measure your rate of productivity.

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In pain writing is the first thing that crosses my heart.

i write alot but the boldness for the

world to hear is my worst fear. 

Till i came across creaitz an academy that won't

criticize but teaches you what it feels like for your voice to be heard.

In the deepest ocean where you are drowning in pains.

@ creaitz @wazoplus @medium.

a month ago - < 1 min read