🚨 Massive Internet Outage Hits Africa: Subsea Cables Damaged 🌊🌍

🚨 Massive Internet Outage Hits Africa: Subsea Cables Damaged 🌊🌍

🔌 Widespread internet disruptions strike West, East, and Central Africa as damaged subsea cables wreak havoc, causing connectivity headaches for millions.

A significant internet outage swept across West, East, and Central Africa, attributed to damage to subsea cables, confirmed by major providers like MainOne and Seacom. NetBlocks reported severe disruptions in countries like Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Benin, with Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon also affected. The incident follows previous cable damage in the Red Sea, leading to debates about the causes and impacts on global trade routes. While accusations have been made against the Houthi militia, they deny targeting internet cables, with blame shifting to British and US military operations. Telecom companies are rerouting traffic to minimize disruptions, but services like online banking and Microsoft cloud applications are still affected for many African users.

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