Andela Launches AI-Powered Talent Cloud to Enhance Remote Tech Hiring Globally

Andela Launches AI-Powered Talent Cloud to Enhance Remote Tech Hiring Globally

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Andela, a pioneer of early software developer growth in Africa—now a “​​global network for remote technical talent” has launched Andela Talent Cloud, an integrated, end-to-end platform to match global technologists with companies seeking to bolster capacity and skill sets.

Andela, a global network for remote technical talent, introduces the Andela Talent Cloud, an innovative platform to connect global technologists with companies looking to boost their technical capacities.

💼 Market-leading organizations recognize the advantages of integrating remote tech talent into their workforce strategies. Andela offers a seamless approach, combining a top-tier talent marketplace with AI-driven technology.

📈 With the Andela Talent Cloud, clients benefit from increased speed, flexibility, and trust in their hiring process, making it a more efficient alternative to traditional in-house recruiting and outsourcing. It streamlines the entire hiring process, allowing companies to source, qualify, hire, manage, and pay global technologists within one integrated platform.

⏱️ The hiring process can be as quick as 48 hours, and it can save companies between 30% to 50% in costs.

🤖 Key features include enhanced AI capabilities, predictive performance, global payout options, and enterprise HRM integrations.

Andela is empowering companies to scale rapidly with a highly skilled and flexible tech talent pool. This new platform brings efficiency and agility to global tech hiring.

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