bird's TEN X SERIES: Top 10 Tallest buildings in Africa

bird's TEN X SERIES: Top 10 Tallest buildings in Africa

Africa’s city ecosystem is attracting billions of dollars in new projects, making them home to some of the world’s glitziest and tallest buildings.

1. The Iconic Tower, Egypt

With its towering height of 385m (1266ft), the Iconic Tower is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. Its sleek, modern design incorporates cutting-edge engineering, symbolising Egypt’s innovative approach to high-rise construction and design aesthetics.

2. Great Mosque of Algiers Tower, Algeria

Standing tall at 264m (867ft), this tower merges spiritual significance with an architectural marvel that features intricate designs and modern engineering techniques, creating a landmark that resonates with Algeria’s cultural and contemporary aspirations.

3. Mohammed VI Tower, Rabat, Morocco

Soaring to 250m (820ft), the tower showcases a blend of modern architectural elements with traditional Moroccan motifs. Its design is a representation of Morocco’s journey into modern architecture, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

4. The Leonardo, Sandton, South Africa

This 234m (768ft) structure exemplifies the fusion of luxury and modern architecture. Its innovative design includes state-of-the-art facilities, making it a hallmark of South Africa’s advancement in mixed-use structures.

5. Carlton Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Once the tallest building in Africa at 223m (731ft), the Carlton Centre remains a symbol of 1970s modernist architecture. Its design reflects the architectural trends of the time and continues to be a significant landmark in Johannesburg’s skyline.

6. Hassan II Mosque Minaret, Rabat, Morocco

At 210m (690ft), this minaret is an architectural marvel, combining traditional Islamic architecture with modern design elements. The intricate details and grandeur of the minaret exemplify Morocco’s architectural heritage and contemporary prowess. 

7. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Headquarters (CBE) Tower, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The 209.3m (687ft) tall CBE Tower is a striking example of modern architectural design in Ethiopia. Its sleek glass façade and towering presence reflect Ethiopia’s growth and modernisation in architectural design.

8. Britam Tower, Nairobi, Kenya

Standing at 200.1m (656ft), Britam Tower is an epitome of modern architectural elegance. Its unique prismatic shape represents a significant leap in Kenya’s architectural design, emphasising sustainability and aesthetic beauty.

9. New Administrative Capital Building D01, Egypt

This 196m (643 ft) tall building is a showcase of modern architecture in Egypt. Its design emphasises futuristic concepts and innovative construction techniques, setting a new standard for urban development in the country.

10. New Administrative Capital Building C01, Egypt

The 190m (623 ft) building is a part of a visionary project, representing modern architectural trends in Egypt. Its design integrates advanced engineering with aesthetic considerations, symbolising Egypt’s commitment to contemporary urban design and architecture.

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