Derek Thomas is building Zambia’s biggest e-commerce marketplace 🛒🛍️ 🇿🇲

Derek Thomas is building Zambia’s biggest e-commerce marketplace 🛒🛍️ 🇿🇲

Gwila is one of the first e-commerce marketplaces in Zambia that allows people to sell their products and services, and Derek Thomas is determined to expand into other markets as soon as he can. He believes that Gwila provides Zambian youth with an opportunity to reach a wider market and earn money. According to Thomas, “We’re here to serve the market.”

Derek Thomas, the founder of Gwila, an e-commerce marketplace in Zambia, is on a mission to provide a safe and trustworthy platform for people to buy and sell products and services. Fueled by his friend's unfortunate experience of being swindled while shopping on Facebook, Thomas established Gwila to offer an alternative solution in the Zambian e-commerce landscape.

Gwila is among the pioneering e-commerce platforms in Zambia, enabling users to engage in online buying and selling. Thomas is passionate about empowering Zambian youth to tap into a broader market and earn income through the platform. The platform accepts mobile money payments, providing inclusivity and a secure environment for buyers. Their buyer protection and refund policy ensures customers have a hassle-free experience.

Addressing logistics, Gwila partners with courier companies for efficient deliveries, utilizing Zambia's well-connected road network. Thomas acknowledges the challenges of funding and finding skilled team members in the startup journey. His technical background enables him to contribute across different aspects of the business.

Thomas emphasizes the importance of collaborations in the rapidly evolving technology and business landscape. Gwila is exploring partnerships with various sectors, including logistics and payments. They have simplified the vendor onboarding process, streamlining it for convenience while ensuring product quality and security.

In the coming years, Gwila's vision extends beyond Zambia to cover the entire African continent. Thomas envisions collaborations as a key strategy for expansion, making the platform accessible to more people and sectors across the region.

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