Despite price fluctuations, Africa’s Bitcoin maximalists remain bullish on its future 🌍 ₿

Despite price fluctuations, Africa’s Bitcoin maximalists remain bullish on its future 🌍 ₿

Bitcoin, as well as other crypto, has had a wild run in the past year. In the face of this, however, the African Bitcoin community has remained unfazed. Anita Porsch is a digital nomad who has spent the past two years travelling Africa as a Bitcoin educator and teaches Bitcoin at grassroots levels. For Porsch, who started a learning platform titled Crack The Orange, Bitcoin has one goal; facilitating a more just financial system. She believes in the potential of Bitcoin as an equaliser, giving people across the world access to the same monetary system and is committing a lot of time and effort to that gospel.

Despite the volatile price fluctuations of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the past year, the African Bitcoin community remains optimistic about the future of Bitcoin. Anita Porsch, a Bitcoin educator traveling through Africa, sees Bitcoin as a means to establish a more just financial system by providing equal access to a global monetary system. Despite recent price drops, the African Bitcoin community remains committed to the technology.

Bitcoin experienced a significant price drop of over 8% to $26,172 on August 18, 2023, one of the largest one-day drops since the collapse of FTX in 2022. However, Bitcoiners in Africa remain resilient and focused on the potential of the technology.

Anita Porsch's platform, Crack The Orange, educates people about Bitcoin's complexities and uses, aiming to dispel misinformation and ignorance surrounding the cryptocurrency. She emphasizes the importance of understanding Bitcoin's long-term potential rather than viewing it as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Despite scandals and price fluctuations, individuals like Abubakar Nur Khalil, CEO of Recursive Capital, continue to believe in the power of Bitcoin. They highlight the distinction between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, emphasizing Bitcoin's technical differences and potential for lasting impact.

Heritage Falodun, founder of the Bitcoin advocacy community DigiOats, is working to shift the focus of Bitcoin advocacy from high returns to its potential for financial innovation. While interest in Bitcoin has waned due to recent events, advocates aim to educate people about protecting their assets and the practical applications of Bitcoin beyond investment.

While Bitcoin's blockchain technology remains innovative, the perception of high returns and decentralization has driven much of the interest in the currency. Despite recent challenges, the African Bitcoin community continues to believe in Bitcoin's transformative potential and advocates for its practical use and adoption.

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