Empowering Innovation: 61 Female-Led Tech Startups Reshaping Nigeria's Future

Empowering Innovation: 61 Female-Led Tech Startups Reshaping Nigeria's Future

Nigeria's tech landscape has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with an impressive cohort of female-led startups making waves in various sectors. These women entrepreneurs are driving innovation, creating jobs, and contributing significantly to the nation's economic development.

Female entrepreneurs are making a significant mark on Nigeria's tech landscape, comprising 12.4% of the country's startup ecosystem. In a rapidly growing tech scene with over 481 active startups, 60 remarkable female-led startups are driving innovation across diverse sectors such as fintech, health tech, agritech, and e-commerce.

These resilient women have demonstrated remarkable innovation and raised substantial funding, with their share increasing from $52 million in 2019 to $288 million by Q4 2021. Despite a slight dip in 2022, they've secured $119 million in total, showcasing a promising shift towards gender diversity in Africa's tech space.

This article introduces 61 pioneering female-led startups in Nigeria, each with a unique story and contributions to the tech ecosystem:

1. Edukoya - Founded by Honey Ogundeyi, Edukoya is an ed-tech startup with a groundbreaking $3.5 million pre-seed raise.

2. Sendsprint - Damisi Busari's cross-border fintech startup, with undisclosed funding, is making waves.

3. Fez Delivery - Seun Alley's last-mile logistics startup recently raised $1.1 million.

4. Clafiya - Jennie Nwokoye's health-tech startup offers digital primary healthcare services and secured $610,000 in pre-seed funding.

5. One Health - Adeola Alli's mobile-first pharmacy & healthcare platform has raised $150,000.

6. Torche - Sisan Dorsu's Lagos-based fintech startup facilitates collateralized loans, with total funding at $120,000.

7. Shuttlers - Damilola Olokesusi's scheduled ride-sharing platform has raised a total of $5.6 million.

8. Bitmama - Ruth Iselema's crypto-fiat exchange has garnered $2.5 million in funding.

9. Herconomy - Ife Durosimi-Etti's female-focused fintech startup has raised $750,000.

10. Bankly - Tomilola Adejana's fintech providing cash digitization services raised $2.1 million.

These startups are just the beginning, representing a growing wave of female-led innovation in Nigeria's tech sector. Each of them is transforming industries and shaping the future of technology not only in Nigeria but beyond its borders.

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