Equinix's $390 Million African Expansion Boosts Digital Infrastructure

Equinix's $390 Million African Expansion Boosts Digital Infrastructure

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🌐 Unlocking Africa's Digital Future: Equinix's bold $390 million investment signals a significant step in bridging the digital divide in Africa. As the continent gears up for a tech revolution, the expansion plan focuses on key regions, promising increased connectivity and digital opportunities. Explore how Equinix's strategic move aligns with Africa's rising tech prominence!

🌍 Equinix, the global digital infrastructure giant, announces a $390 million investment to expand its operations in Africa, focusing on building data centers in the Sub-Saharan region.

💡 The move follows Equinix's $320 million acquisition of West African data center leader, MainOne, two years ago. The company aims to strengthen its presence in West Africa, expand in South Africa, and explore opportunities in East Africa, eyeing key hubs like Lagos, Johannesburg, and Nairobi.

🚀 With Africa currently holding less than 1% of global data center capacity despite a growing tech landscape, Equinix joins Amazon and Microsoft in capitalizing on the continent's digital growth potential.

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