Ethiopia Advances Toward Digital ID Adoption with $300,000 Contract 🇪🇹

Ethiopia Advances Toward Digital ID Adoption with $300,000 Contract 🇪🇹

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With a population of 120 million, Ethiopia has chosen a firm to produce new digital IDs, also known as Fayda. Ethiopia has taken steps towards adopting digital IDs after it picked Madras Security Printers Private Limited as its partner for printing the documents.

Ethiopia is taking strides toward adopting digital IDs, known as Fayda, with a $300,000 contract awarded to Madras Security Printers Private Limited. This firm will produce 1 million digital IDs, incorporating biometric data to enable Ethiopians to access public services and open bank accounts securely. The nation recently passed the Digital Identity Proclamation Bill into law, joining the trend of African countries embracing digital ID systems. These initiatives aim to modernize ID systems, promote inclusivity, and potentially reshape the banking landscape, with plans to make Fayda the primary ID for banking operations.

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