Flutterwave's Enterprise Segment Leads Revenue Growth in 2023

Flutterwave's Enterprise Segment Leads Revenue Growth in 2023

In an exclusive interview with TechCabal, Ross Haider, chief sales officer at Flutterwave, explained the company’s highest revenue-generating segment.

In an exclusive interview, Flutterwave's Chief Sales Officer, Ross Haider, revealed that the enterprise segment is the primary revenue driver for the company in 2023. While Flutterwave expanded its consumer payment services, enterprise services have maintained their lead. Haider anticipates that by mid-2024, both segments will contribute equally to revenue. Flutterwave, founded in 2016, serves African merchants and consumers, offering a range of payment solutions. Despite a push into consumer payments with products like Barter and Send, the enterprise segment remains the key contributor to its success. The company is also working on an IPO, undeterred by recent regulatory challenges.

📊 Enterprise leads revenue in 2023

📈 Consumer payments catching up

🚀 Flutterwave's IPO plans continue

💼 Range of payment solutions for businesses and individuals

🌍 Expanding digital market presence and growth

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