Ghanaian Fintech Dash to Lay Off 50% of Staff Amid Financial Woes πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­

Ghanaian Fintech Dash to Lay Off 50% of Staff Amid Financial Woes πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­

Seven months after Dash CEO was suspended to enable a financial audit, the Ghanaian fintech plans to downsize its workforce by 50% due to its inability to raise additional funding.

Ghanaian fintech company Dash is facing financial challenges, leading to a decision to lay off 50% of its workforce. The announcement came following a town hall meeting, as Dash seeks to preserve its remaining resources. The troubled fintech had raised significant funding in the past, including a $32.8 million seed round, making it one of the most funded seed-stage startups in Africa.

Dash's difficulties began shortly after its successful fundraise when the Bank of Ghana ordered its suspension in the country for offering services without regulatory approval. While it ceased operations in Ghana, it continued in other African markets. Dash also faced challenges related to the Union54 debacle, which resulted in financial losses.

TechCrunch reported allegations of an unfavorable work environment, the founder selling shares, and financial impropriety, leading to the founder's suspension for a comprehensive financial audit. The audit reportedly revealed that the company's previously touted growth numbers were fabricated to mislead investors.

As Dash navigates these challenges, it will undergo significant downsizing and restructuring to address its financial woes and regain stability.

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