IAPrecision: Revolutionizing Nigerian Agriculture with Drone Technology and Data

IAPrecision: Revolutionizing Nigerian Agriculture with Drone Technology and Data

IAPrecision is a first-of-its-kind agricultural industry-focused drone technology and data analytics service enterprise in Nigeria. The startup, founded in 2021, provides farmers with aerial intelligence and actions that empower them to undertake smart and precision-driven agriculture leveraging drone technology and the power of data they generate.

Meet IAPrecision, a trailblazing agricultural tech startup founded in 2021, on a mission to transform Nigerian agriculture with cutting-edge drone technology and data analytics. This innovative enterprise empowers farmers by providing aerial intelligence and precision-driven agriculture solutions.

IAPrecision utilizes drones equipped with sensors and artificial intelligence to scout fields for early pest and disease detection. They also deploy in-house assembled spray drones that autonomously apply crop care products, reducing the reliance on harmful chemicals and manual labor.

CEO Femi Adekoya emphasizes their commitment to addressing environmental degradation caused by unsustainable agricultural practices. Their services encompass precision mapping, monitoring, seed sowing, and efficient drone spraying. Collaboration with stakeholders and farmers ensures ecosystem health and sustainable land practices, increasing profitability.

IAPrecision operates on an on-demand pay-per-hectare model, offering flexible payment structures starting at just $15 for crop monitoring and $12.50 for drone spraying per hectare. With over 5,000 acres serviced, impacting 300+ farmers, and generating over $30,000 in revenue within the first year, IAPrecision's commitment to excellence is evident through trusted partnerships with industry leaders.

This farmer-founded startup is poised to revolutionize Nigerian agriculture, making it more efficient, sustainable, and profitable while preserving local ecosystems and communities.

🌾🌟 IAPrecision leverages drone technology and data to drive smart and sustainable agriculture in Nigeria, ushering in a new era of farming. πŸšœπŸ“Š 

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