Inside ChowCentral: Y Combinator’s latest food delivery bet in Africa 🌮🍕🥪

Inside ChowCentral: Y Combinator’s latest food delivery bet in Africa 🌮🍕🥪

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TechCabal caught up with Tosin Onafuye, and Adeyemi Onafuye, Co-founders of ChowCentral Y Combinator’s Summer class of 2023. Here’s how the team is re-imagining the food restaurant business. When Tosin Onafuye started 500Chow—ChowCentral’s subsidiary—as a fun experiment in April 2020, his plan was to deliver quality meals at the most affordable rate. “We started 500 Chow to sell meals for N500 for people that didn’t have so much money during the covid lockdown,” he tells me on a video chat from ChowCentral’s kitchen in Lekki.

ChowCentral, a Nigerian food delivery startup, was founded by Tosin Onafuye, who initially started 500Chow as an experiment to deliver affordable meals during the COVID-19 lockdown. After pivoting into a food marketplace but facing challenges, the team went separate ways. However, in August 2022, they regrouped and established ChowCentral, a central kitchen with two brands: 500Chow and Gregg's Grill. The platform allows customers to order meals, pay via an in-app wallet, and track orders. Unlike other platforms with multiple restaurants, ChowCentral focuses solely on its own brands for quality control. The startup received a pre-seed investment led by Ventures Platform and participated in Y Combinator's Summer 2023 batch. Despite challenges like rising food prices and logistics, ChowCentral is gaining traction in Lagos and plans to expand to other locations in Nigeria.

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