Kenyan Assembly receives petition to ban TikTok 🇰🇪

Kenyan Assembly receives petition to ban TikTok 🇰🇪

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Kenya’s National Assembly considers a petition to ban TikTok. The petition, submitted by Bob Ndolo, CEO of Bridget Connect Consultancy, cites inadequate regulation and concerns about explicit content.

Kenya's National Assembly is reviewing a petition submitted by Bob Ndolo, CEO of Bridget Connect Consultancy, to ban TikTok. The petition highlights concerns about the platform's explicit content and inadequate regulation. Ndolo claims that TikTok promotes violence, explicit sexual content, hate speech, and offensive behavior among the youth. The assembly acknowledges the petition but suggests that a complete ban may be challenging due to the platform's growing socioeconomic impact on young people.

Ndolo's petition argues that TikTok's lack of regulation and addictive nature could harm academic performance and mental health among Kenyan youth. He references the U.S., where TikTok has faced fines for data collection and sharing without user consent.

Public opinion is divided. Some support the petitioner, highlighting instances of explicit content on the platform during nighttime live sessions. Others feel that the assembly's focus should be on more pressing issues like economic recovery and corruption.

Kenya's ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo previously promised to regulate night TikTok live sessions airing inappropriate content. The assembly leans towards heavy regulation rather than a complete ban. Suggestions include regulating the platform's age limit and content and imposing fines for sharing explicit material. Some members of the assembly emphasize the need to protect young content creators who rely on TikTok for income and express the importance of adapting to the digital age.

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