Netflix Increases Subscription Prices in Nigeria by 11%  🇳🇬 🍿

Netflix Increases Subscription Prices in Nigeria by 11% 🇳🇬 🍿

Get ready, Nigerian Netflix users! 🇳🇬 Prepare for some changes as Netflix hikes its subscription prices in Nigeria by 11%. With adjustments across various plans, find out how this impacts your streaming experience and what it means for Netflix's investment in the African market. 📺💰

Netflix has raised its subscription fees in Nigeria, with the premium plan now costing ₦5000, a jump of 11%. The standard plan also sees an increase to ₦4000, while the basic plan remains unchanged at ₦2,900. This hike follows similar adjustments globally since October, reflecting ongoing investments in improving the streaming service. Despite the increase, Netflix remains a popular choice in Africa, holding the second position in terms of subscribers and contributing significantly to the local entertainment industry with investments exceeding $175 million since 2016. 📈🎥

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