New subsea cable expected to help spark a digital revolution in Mozambique 🇲🇿

New subsea cable expected to help spark a digital revolution in Mozambique 🇲🇿

The transformative 2Africa subsea cable system has landed in Mozambique, and along with new services from Elon Musk's Starlink, Vodacom's 5G rollout and new data centres is poised to unlock the promise of Web3 in the hitherto internet-starved country.

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Internet quality in parts of Mozambique is about to improve dramatically, thanks in part to the arrival of a vast new subsea cable - the 2Africa subsea cable system - designed to reshape the digital landscape not only of the southern African country, but the entire continent.

The submarine cable has successfully landed in the coastal city of Nacala-Porto, according to The cable will complement two existing subsea cable connections along the country's southern coast.

Other recent 2Africa landings in Africa include in Egypt, Gqeberha in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, and Angola.

According to José Mendes, Managing Executive: Vodacom Business, Mozambique, the new development is critical as it will increase access to quality internet services.

"It will accelerate digital inclusion in Mozambique and the African continent," he outlined in a statement.

The project is coupled with a state-of-the-art data centre managed by Master Power Technologies, renowned for its backup power solutions, according to Vodacom.

The 2Africa project, a 45000 km-long subsea cable, is the world's most comprehensive global subsea cable system and seeks to network 3 continents; Africa, Europe, and Asia. It will connect more than 33 countries globally, including 19 in Africa, to a cable network with internet speeds of up to 180 Tbps at full capacity.

A 2022 study on the quality of digital wellbeing across 117 countries ranked Mozambique at 114th due to limits in internet affordability, internet quality, internet security among others. However, that is changing, fast.

A 2023 Kepios analysis shows that in 2022, internet users in Mozambique increased by 1.4 million, a close to 23% increase over 2021.

Satellite broadband provider Starlink became available in the southern African nation in June, placing the nation alongside Nigeria, Rwanda, Mauritius, and Kenya in the vanguard of Starlink's ongoing piloting and registration efforts. Eligible users and businesses will be able to enjoy internet speeds of more than 200Mbps.

Benjamin Arunda, the chairperson Africa Blockchain Council, explained the transformative potential that new technologies can have in powering Mozambique and Africa's digital economy.

“The advent of Web 3.0, commonly known as Web3, is transforming the digital economy landscape globally,” he highlighted.

“It offers solutions to many challenges plaguing Africa's digital economy, including lack of trust, high remittance costs, financial exclusion, and data privacy concerns,” he explained.

Vodacom earlier in May launched Mozambique's first 5G network with plans to cover 75% of potential phone users by 2025. Vodacom is also the designated partner for the 2Africa cable landing, providing infrastructure for cable installation at the Maputo harbour area and Nacala port.

The 2Africa cable is expected to help the southern African country double its GDP within 3 years of operations. 

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