Nigerian logistics startup Kwik launches e-commerce fulfillment service

Nigerian logistics startup Kwik launches e-commerce fulfillment service

Nigerian logistics startup Kwik has launched on-demand e-commerce fulfillment service KwikShelf, its first fulfillment centre at Iddo House, Lagos. Disrupt Africa reported in July 2019 on the launch of Kwik – a digital platform connecting delivery partners and corporate customers in large African cities and offering digital solutions for e-commerce payment and fulfilment – after the startup raised seed funding, and it saw speedy uptake.

Nigerian logistics startup Kwik has introduced a new e-commerce fulfillment service called KwikShelf. This service will be facilitated through its first fulfillment center located at Iddo House, Lagos. Kwik initially gained attention for its digital platform that connects delivery partners with corporate customers in African cities, providing e-commerce payment and fulfillment solutions. Following its Series A funding round of $2 million in March 2022, Kwik launched KwikStore, a platform enabling African businesses, entrepreneurs, and SMEs to create their online stores effortlessly.

KwikShelf, the latest addition to Kwik's services, offers an on-demand e-commerce fulfillment center spanning 1,125 square meters in Lagos. This center, set to open in September, aims to provide scalable, secure, and cost-effective warehousing solutions for Nigerian merchants. Businesses can outsource their inventory storage and fulfillment needs to this central location, enhancing their capacity to deliver orders promptly.

Romain Poirot-Lellig, CEO of Kwik, highlighted that KwikShelf will enable businesses to position their fast-moving inventories centrally and achieve quick delivery times to customers. The fulfillment center's flexible booking options and integration with Kwik's last-mile delivery service are designed to cater to the growing demand for warehousing and fulfillment solutions in Nigeria. Kwik plans to establish up to 20 e-commerce fulfillment centers in major Nigerian cities to meet this demand effectively.

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