Octavia Carbon: Pioneering Direct Air Capture for Climate Change Reversal in Africa 🇰🇪

Octavia Carbon: Pioneering Direct Air Capture for Climate Change Reversal in Africa 🇰🇪

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Kenyan startup Octavia Carbon is the Global South’s first direct air capture (DAC) company, designing, building, and soon deploying machines that directly capture CO2 from the atmosphere. Founded in March 2022, aimed at “reversing climate change”, Octavia Carbon is leveraging Kenya’s renewable energy, geology, and talent to deploy and scale DAC at a low cost.

Kenyan startup Octavia Carbon is at the forefront of Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology in the Global South. Established in March 2022, the company is dedicated to combatting climate change by creating machines that directly extract CO2 from the atmosphere. Octavia Carbon leverages Kenya's renewable energy, geological resources, and local talent to implement and scale DAC cost-effectively.

The company has developed five DAC machines at scale, refining its design for mass production. Currently, it's preparing to construct its pilot plant, "Project Hummingbird," set to remove 1000 tons of CO2 annually in Naivasha, Kenya. Octavia Carbon has partnered with Cella Mineral Storage for CO2 storage, utilizing natural basalt formations in the Kenyan Rift Valley for carbon sequestration, eliminating the need for extensive transport infrastructure.

Octavia Carbon's founder, Martin Freimüller, highlights their strategy to minimize the energy intensity of DAC by utilizing waste heat, making it compatible with geothermal operations. They're committed to leveraging Kenya's unique resources and demographics to deploy DAC efficiently.

In terms of funding, Octavia Carbon secured $540,000 in pre-seed investment from Catalyst Fund, the Shared Future, and angel investors. Currently, they're in the process of raising a $6 million seed round to expand their team, advance technology, and build the pilot plant. Octavia Carbon's project also aims to create green jobs, support communities affected by droughts, and fund climate innovation education programs.

Octavia Carbon's approach aligns with the growing demand for reliable carbon credits in the carbon market, positioning them as leaders in DAC deployment in Africa.

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