Sama AI to Hire 2,100 Kenyans for Computer Vision Projects After Exiting Content Moderation 🇰🇪

Sama AI to Hire 2,100 Kenyans for Computer Vision Projects After Exiting Content Moderation 🇰🇪

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Sama, no longer involved in content moderation, is set to hire 2,100 Kenyan workers in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, focusing on computer vision artificial intelligence (AI). This initiative aligns with Kenya's goal to create 1 million BPO jobs and follows Sama's entry into the Kenyan market in 2015. The first wave of 600 employees has already begun work, with an additional 1,500 to be hired in the coming weeks. This move will increase Sama's workforce from 3,400 to 5,500, with an all-Kenyan leadership team.

Evelyn Njiiri, legal counsel at Sama, hinted at potential partnerships with the Kenyan government and universities to teach computer vision AI, emphasizing the importance of public-private collaboration. Kenya's government aims to transform the country into a digital economy, fostering a favorable environment for private sector growth.

Sama's shift towards computer vision AI work, discontinuing content moderation, was described as a strategic business decision. Content moderation accounted for only 3% of the company's activities. The company had previously terminated 184 content moderators, leading to a legal dispute over unfair dismissal. While the case found Meta responsible for the moderators' tasks, Sama argued that it acted as an agent for Meta and did not have work for the dismissed moderators.

Sama's focus on computer vision AI and commitment to employing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds aligns with Kenya's aspirations for inclusive economic growth.

*This news highlights Sama's contribution to Kenya's BPO industry and its transition to computer vision AI projects, emphasizing collaboration with the government and promoting opportunities for underprivileged youth.*

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