Smile ID Introduces Smile Links: A No-Code Gamechanger for Swift Identity Verification

Smile ID Introduces Smile Links: A No-Code Gamechanger for Swift Identity Verification

Smile ID, a leading provider of biometric identity verification solutions, has today announced the launch of Smile Links—a no-code solution that lets businesses verify customers faster.

Smile ID, a renowned biometric identity verification solutions provider, has unveiled Smile Links—a groundbreaking no-code tool designed to expedite customer verification for businesses. This innovative platform, Smile Links, simplifies KYC processes with its user-friendly interface. In just a few clicks within the Smile ID portal, companies can effortlessly create and customize identity verification flows, complete with branding and data privacy policies, all within minutes.

Once configured, the KYC process is transformed into a shareable URL, enabling direct communication with customers via email, WhatsApp, or integration into applications. The results of these verifications can be conveniently monitored within the Smile ID portal or received via callback URL.

Smile Links stands out as the first fully functional no-code ID verification solution from an African-focused company. This democratizes innovation, empowering businesses of all sizes to build, launch, and scale with unprecedented speed. As the demand for low- and no-code tools surges globally, Smile Links meets this need, enabling professionals without extensive technical skills to play pivotal roles in the digital transformation landscape.

Aligned with Smile ID's mission to provide unrestricted access to Africa's digital economy, Smile Links leverages the potential of low-code/no-code development. According to Gartner, it's predicted that over 65% of all application development will utilize low-code/no-code tools by 2024. In developing markets like Africa, these tools will be instrumental in overcoming technical barriers and driving innovation.

Smile Links not only expedites production and compliance with KYC requirements but also seamlessly integrates with Smile ID's Document Verification product, facilitating the verification of 8500 ID types from 226 countries. This single integration capability enables companies to expand into multiple markets efficiently while saving time and resources. It also complements other ID verification solutions, such as Biometric KYC, enhancing fraud-proof KYC offerings.

Peace Itimi, Smile's Director of Marketing, emphasized the significance of Smile Links, stating, "No-code is the future of technology innovation, and we're proud to be pioneering a product that helps businesses launch and scale faster than ever. Smile Links opens the door for many more businesses to partake in Africa's digital evolution."

🌐💼 Smile Links: Transforming KYC into a seamless, no-code process for businesses, ushering in a new era of innovation and accessibility in Africa and beyond. 

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