Techstars Toronto's Investment Portfolio in Africa Grows to 40%

Techstars Toronto's Investment Portfolio in Africa Grows to 40%

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Since its launch in 2017, Techstars Toronto today announced that it has made its 100th investment into startups across the world; 40% of these startups are from Africa.

Techstars Toronto has celebrated its 100th investment in startups worldwide, and an impressive 40% of these investments are in African startups. The accelerator program made its first African investment in 2019 and has since supported various African startups, particularly in the fintech sector. Techstars Toronto views Africa as a key market and is doubling down on its commitment to fostering innovation on the continent. Its welcoming visa system for Africans makes it an attractive choice for startups. The accelerator program has invested in about 76 African companies and continues to support African entrepreneurs.

πŸš€ Techstars Toronto's 2023 Summer Cohort Features 10 African Startups

Techstars Toronto has selected 10 African startups for its Summer 2023 cohort, emphasizing the program's commitment to the African tech ecosystem. Nigerian and fintech startups are well-represented in this cohort, focusing on areas such as affordable housing, global money transfer, financial services for immigrants, building material marketplaces, wealth management, real estate transparency, virtual addresses, talent placement, and more. These startups address pressing trends in today's world and highlight the vibrant innovation happening across the continent.

🌟 Celebrating Innovation

Techstars Toronto's milestone investment and its continued support for African startups demonstrate the growing recognition of Africa's potential in the global tech landscape. The program's commitment to fostering innovation and providing opportunities for African entrepreneurs is a testament to the bright future of the African tech ecosystem.

πŸ“ˆ Techstars Toronto: Fueling African Tech Success

Techstars Toronto's investments in African startups not only showcase the potential of African innovation but also contribute to the growth of the continent's tech industry. With its supportive ecosystem and focus on key sectors like fintech, Techstars Toronto is playing a vital role in the development of African startups and the broader tech ecosystem.

πŸš€ Join the Celebration

Techstars Toronto will celebrate the founders graduating from its Summer 2023 cohort with two Demo Days on October 4 and 5. These events provide an opportunity to witness the innovative solutions and ideas that these startups bring to the world. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this exciting celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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