TikTok to set up a Kenyan office and employ more Kenyans for content moderation 🇰🇪

TikTok to set up a Kenyan office and employ more Kenyans for content moderation 🇰🇪

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TikTok has agreed to set up a Kenyan office for better content moderation and African operations. Despite existing legal troubles around content moderation in Kenya, the president’s statement about the meeting ignores TikTok’s involvement with one of the key parties, Majorel.

TikTok has agreed to establish an office in Kenya for improved content moderation and operations within Africa. After a meeting between TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew and Kenyan President Ruto William, the decision was made to set up the office to ensure content on the platform aligns with community standards. This move follows concerns over explicit content on the platform and legal issues related to content moderation. The president's statement also mentioned discussions about extending monetization options to Kenyans on TikTok. Currently, African countries can't directly earn money from the platform; revenue comes from influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and promoting goods/services. President Ruto noted past interactions with other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube regarding monetization strategies. However, there are discrepancies in his claims about YouTube's monetization program and the access African countries have had to it. Kenya is among the African nations that can monetize content through Facebook's Ad Breaks feature, though it's uncertain if President Ruto influenced the selection of these countries.

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