“We are bridging Nigeria’s digital finance gap”- Moniepoint’s CEO

“We are bridging Nigeria’s digital finance gap”- Moniepoint’s CEO

Picture a restaurant in Ikeja, Lagos State, where a customer needs to make a payment after a meal. To make this interaction successful, two critical parts of the digital financial experience need to happen. On one side of this are businesses, like, in this case, the restaurant. Businesses serve as an important locus, collecting payments from millions of customers. By empowering businesses to collect payments and manage their finances digitally, great transformation is possible.

Moniepoint's CEO highlights their role in bridging Nigeria's digital finance gap. Moniepoint offers technology solutions to empower businesses in Africa to collect digital payments seamlessly. They've worked with over a million businesses and more than 33 million unique cards are used on their terminals each month. To further improve the digital finance experience, Moniepoint has launched personal banking services, aiming to provide consumers with reliable banking services. They emphasize the importance of offering users a dependable banking app and card, ensuring that consumers can access high-quality personal finance services. Moniepoint aims to contribute to Nigeria's digital transformation and economic growth by facilitating digital payments and commerce.

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