Wazoplus ground rules

No explicit or violent content: Users are strictly prohibited from posting or sharing any sexually explicit or violent media on the platform. This includes images, videos, or written content that may be offensive or inappropriate.
Respectful communication: All users must engage in respectful and constructive communication. Any form of harassment, bullying, or personal attacks towards others will not be tolerated.
No racism or discrimination: Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or any other characteristic is strictly forbidden. Users must respect and value the diversity of individuals within the community.
Non-violence and non-incitement: Users are not allowed to promote or incite violence in any form, including physical harm, threats, or intimidation towards others.
Accurate and truthful information: Users must ensure that the information they share is accurate and truthful. Intentionally spreading false or misleading information is strictly prohibited.
No political content: The platform is strictly focused on tech, business, and professional discussions. Users should refrain from sharing or promoting any political content, including partisan views or political campaigns.
Professional conduct: Users are expected to maintain a professional tone and behavior while using the platform. This includes refraining from engaging in personal disputes, trolling, or any other disruptive behavior that may undermine the community.
Compliance with platform staff: The site staff reserves the right to monitor and enforce these ground rules. Users are expected to comply with their instructions and decisions, including the removal or deletion of accounts found to be in violation of these rules.