11 startups transforming commerce in North Africa

11 startups transforming commerce in North Africa

North Africa is entering a phase of maturity, and fueled by a digitally adept consumer demographic showing a strong inclination towards online retail, the e-commerce sector is poised for a surge across the region.

The e-commerce sector in North Africa is experiencing growth due to a digitally adept consumer demographic and increased investor attention. With favorable economic conditions and concentrated tech expertise, startups are emerging to transform commerce in the region. In 2022, Northern African startups secured $1.1 billion in funding, with Egypt leading with $822 million. Algeria and Tunisia also stood out, while Morocco faced challenges.

Several startups are making significant contributions to the transformation of commerce:

1. ConvertedIn (Cairo, Egypt): Offers an advanced e-commerce marketing operating system using algorithms and real-time machine learning to optimize conversion funnels and enhance marketing potential.

2. El Dokan (Cairo, Egypt): Utilizes "headless e-commerce technology" to build adaptable e-commerce structures, catering to retailers and software firms.

3. SideUp (Cairo, Egypt): Originally a logistics marketplace, now focuses on e-commerce support services like payments, shipping integration, and warehousing to bridge gaps for small merchants.

4. Drest (Tunisia): Specializes in online retail of lifestyle products, reshaping product distribution by offering curated ranges from attire to cosmetics.

5. Chari (Casablanca, Morocco): Connects FMCG manufacturers to retailers, facilitating orders and deliveries for traditional Moroccan stores. Received significant funding and aims for expansion.

6. Mobile Masr (Cairo, Egypt): A deep-tech e-commerce marketplace focused on trading pre-owned and brand-new mobile phones and tablets, offering diverse payment options.

7. Wafr (Casablanca, Morocco): Enables FMCG retailers to extend discounts via its platform, enhancing customer base growth and facilitating intelligent promotions.

8. Mazaya (Cairo, Egypt): A B2B e-commerce platform transforming electronic goods procurement for retailers, gained traction with over 6,000 retailers and $15 million gross merchandise value.

9. Kenzz (Cairo, Egypt): Revolutionizes mass e-commerce with interactive, discounted experiences, empowering local manufacturers and SMEs.

10. Sharwa (Cairo, Egypt): A social commerce startup streamlining household shopping for essentials via WhatsApp or its app, offering discounts through group purchases.

11. Justyol (Casablanca, Morocco): A cross-border marketplace connecting the Turkish fashion scene with the MENA markets, achieved significant growth and secured funding.

These startups are driving innovation and reshaping the e-commerce landscape in North Africa, leveraging digital growth and catering to the region's tech-savvy consumer base.

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