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Amarachukwu Grace
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Feb 6, 2023
What are Blockchain protocols?

A blockchain protocol is a set of rules and standards that govern the functioning of a blockchain network. This means that the protocols define how transactions are processed, how consensus is reached, and how new blocks are added to the chain.

Characteristics of Blockchain protocols

Most blockchain protocols are decentralized, meaning that they are not controlled by a single entity or organization.

This can provide greater security and resiliency against attacks or failures.

The decentralized nature of blockchain protocols makes it difficult for any single entity to censor or control the network.

Blockchain protocols typically provide a high degree of transparency, as all transactions are recorded and stored on a public ledger.

Once data is recorded on a blockchain, it cannot be altered or deleted by one party. This provides additional security and integrity.

Some blockchain protocols like Ethereum support smart contracts, which can automatically execute pre-programmed actions when certain conditions are met.

So, do you clearly understand what a Blockchain protocol is?

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Feb 3, 2023
Cryptocurrency vs fiat currency: what are their differences?

A Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security whereas a Fiat currency is the normal currency you use to conduct your daily transactions. Bitcoin and USDT are examples of cryptocurrencies. Naira, Dollar, and Euro are examples of Fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency is different from fiat currency in several ways. In this post, five differences will be mentioned.

1. Fiat Currency is a government-issued currency.
It's legal tender because the government of your country stipulated it as the currency. What that means is that if they decide to change it to a new one, the currency will cease to be legal tender, and thus is useless to its holders. This is not the case with Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and not controlled by any government or institution, while fiat currency is issued and controlled by governments.

2. Anonymity
Transactions that are performed with cryptocurrencies are recorded on a public ledger, but the identity of the users is not revealed. However, most financial transactions with fiat currency are traceable to the individual or entity that made them.

It's easy to identify the person who transferred money to your bank account. Some details like the name of the sender are available to you but all the relevant personal details of the individual are available to the bank.

3. Security
Cryptocurrency uses advanced cryptographic techniques to secure transactions, while the security of fiat currency transactions is maintained by governments and financial institutions.

4. Borderless Transactions
Unlike Fiat currencies, Crypto transactions can be conveniently made from anywhere in the world, and to anyone in the world provided that the sender and receiver have access to the internet and are crypto-educated.

Being crypto-educated implies that both parties understand how to use crypto exchanges, and can perform transactions with Crypto.

5. Supply
Cryptocurrencies have a limited supply, while the supply of fiat currency can be increased by governments or central banks at will.

Do you now know the differences between Crypto and Fiat currencies?

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Feb 2, 2023
How to start writing excellent content

Content writing is putting words together to form a sentence that carries a purposeful message that is clearly understood by the intended audience. The goal of content writing borders around marketing and increasing brand visibility.

Content writing is a skill that is in high demand, especially in the Tech world where there is a need to break down technical terms in such a way anyone can understand a product and use it.

It's one of the marketing strategies of companies. Through it, you as a target audience get to understand the essence of a company's product and how it's useful to you. At the end of the day, you end up buying and using the products.

Chances are that you are an aspiring writer looking to become better. The question is, how do you start writing excellent content?

Learn the act of consuming good content
You need to know what you want to write about before you can write. Reading good content is key to writing excellently. It improves your grammar, sentence structure, etc.

Learn the act of taking good notes
Taking good notes is one of the habits of an effective writer. Don't keep your notes in your brain. Don't keep your ideas in your brain too. Chances are that you will forget some of them.

Then, start writing.
Yes, start writing. Writing is a craft. You get better by practice. If you start writing now, with time you will get to know your style.

Start sharing your work.
Don't be ashamed of sharing your work. Be open to constructive feedback. Share it where people can see it. That way you will get feedback and you will have a track record of growth.

Where do you go from there?

-Keep growing through the consumption of quality content.

-Attend training, events, and the like.

-Keep writing.

-Keep adding value to yourself.

-Find an internship.

-You can decide to build a career as a writer.

 Possible career paths for a writer are
-Content Marketing
-Digital Marketing
-Social media management
-Product Marketing
- Public Relations and Communications officer
-Anything you want to be.

Content writing like every other professional field is not easy. Times are changing. To be up to par and always relevant, you need to consume information.

 The information helps you to know the skill you should cultivate, where the industry is moving, and lots more.

Let me know in the comments section.

By the way, once a month, I host a free class on my Whatsapp status, join here.

I wrote a free e-guide on the basic tools you need for excellent writing, download it here.

To download the book for free, ensure you read the welcome email.

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Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Feb 1, 2023
How do I start my career as a crypto trader?

Crypto trading is a profitable but risky business. If you're interested in building a career in the field, the basic steps you should take are explained below.

Gain Crypto Education
Understand the different types of cryptocurrencies and the market conditions before you trade. Understand the technology behind the coins, their use cases, and the teams behind them.

Researching to understand the market. Conduct thorough research before making any trades.

Choose a reputable exchange
A reputable cryptocurrency exchange is regulated, has a good reputation, and offers trading pairs with the coins you want to trade.

Set up an account
Sign up for an account on the exchange and verify your identity. This may include providing personal information and proof of ID.

Add funds to your account
Once your account is set up, you can add funds to it. This can be done by transferring money from your bank account or using a credit/debit card.

Learn to use the exchange
Familiarize yourself with the exchange's platform, including how to place orders, set stop-losses, and monitor your positions.

Start trading
Once you feel comfortable with the platform, you can start trading cryptocurrencies. Be sure to set a risk management strategy and stick to it.

Keep learning
period about the market, new projects, and new technologies in the space.

Be patient
Crypto markets are highly volatile and it's not uncommon for the value of a coin to fluctuate greatly over a short period It's important to be patient. Do not make impulsive decisions based on short-term price movements.

Crypto trading is a high-risk activity and not suitable for all investors, and traders should be aware of the risks and limitations before investing in cryptocurrencies.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 31, 2023
5 steps every beginner can take to start a successful career in Web 3

A lot of people are fascinated by Web 3, and they want to be part of it. You may be part of the enthusiasts. You are not just excited about it, but you want to build a career in the space.
In this guide, you will learn about five steps you need to take to start your career in Web 3 successfully.
To start a career in Web 3,  you need to have passion for what you want to do.

Get a mentor
Get a mentor who is doing what you want to do. Follow the mentor closely. Stay loyal to the person. 

Get a skill 

You need to contribute to the ecosystem. You can do that through your skills. You can learn how to create content, how to design, or how to manage a community. 

Join communities
Belonging to communities kick starts your growth. Volunteer yourself for a role within the community. Handle responsibilities.
Pay attention to this space.

Take your social media seriously
Let it reflect that you are in the space.
Retweet authentic news and information about the space. Be consistent with this.

The Web 3 space is full of opportunities. However, there is a need for you to prepare ahead of time. Don't start preparing for an opportunity when it comes knocking at your door. You may miss out if you do.

So, start now to prepare.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 30, 2023
Eight terms used in Crypto and their meaning

There are a number of terms and concepts that are commonly used in the Crypto space. In this post, I will explain the meaning of eight.

Bitcoin (BTC) 

This is the first and most popular crypto currency. It was created in 2009 by an individual or group of individuals using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.


This is the technology that underlies  crypto currencies. It is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that records all transactions.


This is a digital storage space where people can store their cryptocurrencies.

Public key 

This is a unique string of characters that represents a person's address on the blockchain, and can be used to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Private key 

This is a secret code that is used to access and control a person's cryptocurrency.


This is the process of using powerful computers to verify and record transactions on the blockchain, for which the miner is rewarded with a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

Cold storage 

This is a method of storing cryptocurrencies offline, to protect them from hacking and other forms of cybercrime.


This is an acronym for Fear of missing out. It is a psychological phenomenon that can drive people to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at the wrong time.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 27, 2023
What is crypto trading?

Crypto trading simply means the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Here, cryptocurrencies are articles of commercial value or trade. They are bought in marketplaces which are called cryptocurrency exchanges in crypto trading.

In these exchanges, you can exchange fiat money (e.g. naira) for cryptocurrencies, or trade one cryptocurrency for another.

Is crypto trading profitable?

Crypto trading is very profitable, but it is very risky. This is because the value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate greatly within short periods. These fluctuations can result in significant losses or gains or both.

4 Tips to help you kick start your crypto trading journey.

Get proper crypto education
Before placing your first trade, learn about the industry. Learn how to identify phishing scams, ad fake coins. 

Understand the basis of Technical analysis. Have a good understanding of the market before trading cryptocurrencies.

Find a mentor
A mentor implies a skilled trader. Having a mentor that can teach you will go a long way in making your crypto trading journey less of a bumpy ride.

 You will learn from his or her mistakes and you will leverage his or her experience. You can find a mentor online in a community or by paying for a crypto class.

Join a community if you can.
Joining a community makes it easier for you to get answers to your questions.

Develop the habit of Independent personal research.
Having a mentor and being part of a crypto community is great, but they do not replace the place of personal research.

Learning how to conduct thorough research on your own is very important.

If you are looking for another stream of income, crypto trading is a good but risky option. Ensure you do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

So tell me, with the high rate of fluctuation, would you consider Crypto as an investment option?

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 26, 2023
What are stable coins?

Stable coins are a type of cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of a specific asset, such as the US dollar. They are referred to as stable because their value is stable, unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are highly volatile. Tether (USDT), USDC, and DAI are stablecoins.

Why are Stable coins relevant?

With stable coins, you do not have to worry so much about volatility. This is because it is stable and hardly changes in value. Most times, it increases in value rather than decreases.

Also, you can use it directly to perform transactions. This implies that you can make transactions without having to convert your money into fiat currency first.

When is the best time to buy a stablecoin?
When you think you want to.

Where can you buy a stable coin?
You can buy a stable coin on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

How do you store a stablecoin?
You can store your stable coin in your crypto wallet which could be hardware or an app on your phone.

So, are you ready to buy your first stable coin?

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 25, 2023
Three important social media platforms Web3 enthusiasts should take seriously.

You live in an interconnected world. You must take advantage of this to achieve your goals. Social media platforms give you the chance to connect with like minds and achieve your goals.

As a Web 3 enthusiast, there are specific social media platforms you should pay attention to. It's not that other social media platforms are not important.

They are, but you have only 24 hours and I am pretty sure you do not want to spend all your time cruising meaningless on social media. In this post, you will learn about three social media platforms you should take seriously.

1. Discord
It is the number one media platform for Web 3 enthusiasts and projects. It may be difficult to navigate at first but it pays when you understand how to use it, and use it properly.

You can send text, voice, or video to anyone you want to on Discord. You can join servers or channels according to your interest without getting overwhelmed.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a social micro-blogging platform that allows you to share your opinion, connect with like-minded people, and stay updated with information.

You will find thousands of Web 3 projects on Twitter. The structure of Twitter makes it easy to know the latest developments in the space.

3. LinkedIn
It is the world's largest professional social network. You can connect to other enthusiasts, Web 3 projects, founders, and investors. Also, you can find Web3 jobs on LinkedIn.

It is okay if you feel that as an antisocial person, social media platforms are not necessary. However, to thrive in the space, you need to leverage the networking opportunity the platform presents.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 24, 2023
Three things every Techie should take seriously in 2023.

With so much going on in our world today, it's necessary to understand what you should pay attention to.
1. Focus

Focus is essential to achieve any meaningful thing. There is so much noise in our world today. Learning how to set priorities and focus on your priorities is a life survival skill.

Without focus, you will get easily distracted by the noise, marketing copies, campaigns, etc. With focus, you can redirect the noise and turn it into something good for your career.

For instance, Affiliate marketing trended sometime last year in Nigeria. Screenshots of payments from Expertnaire were littered all over the streets of social media. A lot of people dropped their jobs thinking that affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme. 

A focused techie would rather learn marketing skills and find a way to apply them within their field in such a way that it becomes a win rather than a distraction.

Don't get me wrong. Switching careers in Tech is perfectly okay. I am simply talking about being

So, please, focus on this year.
Start by creating a list of priorities. It becomes easier to identify noise when you see it.

2. Take intentional networking very seriously

International networking is beyond sending a LinkedIn connection request or a Whatsapp message. Be genuinely interested in people. First, have a checklist of the kind of people you want to connect with. Remember to be that person first.

Then, attend tech, social, and events where you are likely to find those people. Further, go out of your way to connect with them. You can show that you are a person of value by asking a question or doing something noticeable.

Build friendships intentionally. Don't leave it to chance. Attend Hackathons. Join communities and be active there. Relationships are lifetime investments. Take it intentionally this year.

3. Build while learning

Don't wait till it's perfect before you share your work. The thing about Tech is that you can not finish learning. It's a university that you will not graduate from because there is always something new to learn every day. If it's not a concept then it's a skill. The point is, Techies learn every day. 

You can build while learning by starting a series on social media.
Are you a designer? Share that design even though it's not looking professional.

Are you going to pay attention to these three things?

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 23, 2023
What is a Crypto Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital wallet, which can be located on a computer, mobile device, or on a third-party website where you store or keep your cryptocurrencies.

It's just like your personal bank account
You hold the password, and private keys, depending on the type of wallet. If it's an wallet like Binance, you do not need to use private keys to access your funds. Your password is all that is needed.

For wallets like Metamask, you need to remember your private keys. If you can't remember it, then you will not access your funds. Unfortunately, Metamask won't help you to remember it too.  you can access the wallet with a password or private key

Forms of crypto wallets

The forms of crypto wallets are grouped into software, hardware, paper, online and mobile wallets.

-Software wallets are digital wallets that are installed on a computer or mobile device, example MyEtherWallet.

-Hardware wallets are physical devices that are used to store a user's private key offline, providing an additional layer of security. Examples include Trezor and Ledger Nano S.

-Paper wallets are physical documents that contain a user's private key, which can be stored offline for added security. They are often used as a backup option.

-Online wallets are digital wallets like Binance that are hosted on a third-party website and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

-Mobile wallets: These are digital wallets like Coinomi that are available as mobile apps and can be used to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency on the go.

Crypto wallets are convenient, secure, and Flexible but they can be vulnerable to hacking and malware attacks, which can result in the loss of funds. Also, it maybe difficult to understand how to use and navigate a crypto wallet.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 20, 2023
DAO: the practical application of Democracy

Democracy according to Abraham Lincoln, is defined as the government of the people by the people, and for the people. It has been suggested by many scholars as the best form of government. This is because it provides room for accountability of the leaders to the leaders, freedom of expression and so much more.

Many countries have adopted democracy as a system of government because it theoretically provides one of the best governance frameworks.

However, have we been able to achieve the Democratic principles of government of the people, by the people, and for the people?

There are many cases of press censorship, election rigging, human rights violations, misappropriation of public funds, and hate speech bans and these governments who claim to be democratic get away with it.

Before you claim that in your country, public officers' misappropriation of funds is not obtainable for fear of being punished when caught, I want you to understand that one can only be punished if they are caught.

If not for some independent press, and investigators you will never know about misappropriated funds, corruption, or the like. Some public officers are skilled at covering their tracks. That's why some of these independent journalists and investigators are usually murdered when they try to uncover the tracks of corrupt officials.

Democracy preaches freedom, transparency, equality, and accountability but in reality, we are not free. Inequality, Racism, and marginalization are global problems and have contributed to several conflicts in human history. In addition, the government is not fully accountable as it should be, at least, as Democracy preaches that it should be.

What is the solution?

DAO is an acronym for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is a digital organization that operates through a set of rules encoded into smart contracts on a blockchain network.

A DAO is a true definition and practical application of Democracy. The definition of democracy implies it is a decentralized form of government. That is why it is said to be the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

The people here are tied to a geographic location based on shared ties like religion, common history, and colonialism. The bottom line is that they agreed to live together as one country. Thus, the government is for them and is run by them. This is why organizations like the United Nations do not interfere in the domestic affairs of member states.

DAO is a decentralized form of organization, meaning that it is not controlled by any single entity, such as a government or corporation. It is run by the members, who use blockchain-based mechanisms to make decisions and allocate resources.

Think of your country as a community. Annually, it has budgets, proposed projects, etc. In some cases, the government who in this case is the community manager or the Team that ensures the smooth running of things in the community receives funds from the World Bank, and other organizations to execute these proposed projects.

In most cases, if not all, you don't get to decide how the funds will be allocated, even if you have expert knowledge of it.
You have to trust your government to do that.

Also, you don't get to decide if a project is worth embarking on. In most cases, the proposed projects are either executed partially or not executed at all. Sometimes, some states are marginalized in the allocation and distribution of funds.

Regardless of what may be the case, DAO provides a sustainable solution to the problem.

-With DAOs, as a citizen of a country, you can vote on proposals and make decisions about the direction and management of the community which is in this case your country.

-Contributing to a passion project is very easy, and reliable and you do not have to worry about the misappropriation of funds. You are part of the decision-makers, that is, you will be part of those who would determine how the funds will be used.

-DAOs run on Smart contracts. It does not need a human to execute agreements. Once the conditions of the agreement are met, it executes the entire agreement, not one or two but all of them.

Doesn't this sound great?

Imagine the ingenuity, inclusion, and progress this would bring about.

Is this possible?
Yes, if we decide to make it possible. Recall that some time ago, we were skeptical about the possibilities of e-voting. Today, we are not.
We can start taking steps to utilize the beautiful solutions that blockchain technology presents.

DAOs are designed to ensure transparency, accountability, and inclusion. Applying it in government will go a long way in protecting succeeding generations from the scourge of wars, conflicts, and the like.

Do you believe this? Let me know in the comment section.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 19, 2023
10 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain Technology is an emerging technology, with technical terms that can get you very confused. In this post, I will answer ten frequently asked questions about the space.

1. Is Blockchain the same as Cryptocurrencies?
No, Blockchain is not the same as Cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain is the Technology behind Cryptocurrencies. And it can do much more than just being the Technology behind the cryptocurrency.

2. What is a cryptocurrency?
It's a digital currency used to perform transactions.

3. Where can I buy Cryptocurrency?
You can buy cryptocurrencies from centralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and Decentralized Exchange, for example, UNISWAP.

4. Is it advisable to Hodl a cryptocurrency?
Well, it depends on you. It's advisable to conduct intensive personal research, understand the trends and take informed actions. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile.

You can hodl with the expectation that the value will rise over time, but it may decrease and not rise again. You must research, and have a strong heart before hodling.

5. Can I use Crypto to pay for online orders?

Of course, provided that the platform accepts it as legal tender. Check for pay with the "Bitcoin" or "connect your wallet" options.

6. Where can I store my Crypto Wallets?
You can store cryptocurrencies in a wallet.  
7. What is mining?
It's simply a way of creating new coins and verifying transactions. Mining is an energy-intensive process. Here, computers solve complex problems to verify the authenticity of the transaction on the network.

At the end of this process, cryptocurrencies are created. Bitcoin is an example of a cryptocurrency created with this process.

8. Will Blockchain Technology affect the world of work?
Yes, it will. It has started already by creating several job opportunities for everyone.

All you have to do is to pay attention to the industry to know the required skills. Then, upgrade your skills, and pitch yourself to projects and companies.

9. Is it safe to invest in cryptocurrencies?
It depends on your capacity. Everything in life is risky. However, it is a faccryptocurrenciesrencies that are highly volatile assets.

You are advised not to invest in the amount that you cannot afford to lose.

10. What are examples of cryptocurrencies?
Bitcoin, USDT, Cardano, Luna, Avax, XRP, DOGE, etc.

Do you have more questions?
Feel free to ask them.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 18, 2023
Three things every Techie should take seriously in 2023

2022 ended with a big bang; a loud one at that. Artificial Intelligence became more popular than anything you can think of. 

2023 is pregnant with so many innovations that can change the way things are done. So it's important to have a list of things you prioritize. In this guide, you will learn about three key things you should take seriously in 2023.

1. Intentional Networking

This has to do with the art of building intentional relationships with people.

Association matters to you as a personal brand and it also matters to your company as a corporate brand. Relationships are currencies. It's everything.

If you are confused about starting, consider taking a networking course at

2. Trends
Trends are important. Don't join the I don't like the trends gang. Trends determine a whole lot. Taking trends seriously will help you understand how to position yourself strategically in the industry. Pay attention to it.

One of the ways you can do this is to embrace intensive personal research. Don't just believe whatever Jack says about something. Take time to understand what is happening so you will know what to do.

3. Building in public
Don't wait till you learn everything before you start sharing what you know. Talk about what you are doing.

Talk about the results you have gotten no matter how small you think they are.

Let people know about what you are doing. Don't keep quiet about it. Talk about it aggressively.

There are so many things to focus on as a Tech bro, Tech sis, or Tech enthusiast. I am pretty sure you will identify the most important ones once you can focus on the ones I mentioned above.

Which would you be focusing on this year?
I am focusing on all three. How about you?

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 17, 2023
How to be active in a Tech Community

Belonging to a community is just one step forward to achieving your goals. Being active in the community is another step.

You can get the most out of belonging to a community when you are active. This is because when you are active, you give people the chance to know you, your strengths, your capacities, and where you need help.

In this guide, I will show you how to be active in a community. This guide is divided into three stages which are:

-What you should do before joining a community.

-What you should do after joining a community.

-What you should do as a member of a community.

1. What you should do before joining a community
•Read the community Wiki if there is any. If there is none, read the vision, aim, and objectives of the community.

•Research their founders to find out who they are.

•Check if the community is still functional.

Just because the name says Tech does not mean you should join it. You should join active communities.

2. What you should do immediately after joining a community.

•Read all the information that you can lay your hands on. Get to know the different channels/tracks, and the channel managers.

•Follow the community's social media platforms and turn on the notifications button.

You may not follow all because you may not be active on all social media platforms. It's advisable to follow the community on your active social media platform.

•Decide which track/channel you want to be part of and join the track. If you are a designer, you should join the design track.

•Introduce yourself smartly both in the general group and the channel group.
Talk about your aspirations, what you want to achieve, and how you want to help others.

•If you can read previous messages, then try to comment on their introduction or at least react to it.

3. What you should do as a member of the community
•React or comment on the channel manager's messages.

•Fill out forms or anything you asked to fill out but if you can't for some reason, it's necessary to notify the channel manager about the challenges you are having. It's being accountable. 

•Attend community events. If you can't, it's polite to tell the manager that you won't be able to make it. Don't ghost him or her.

It's looking like tough work. It is tough work actually, and that is why the majority do not do it. It's also why few have the results.

•Post your work there. Ask for feedback and repost. Give others feedback.

Posting your work there will help people to know that beyond having the tagline designer- you are a designer.

 With time, you will be recommended for jobs, scholarships, etc. Also, it's easier to make friends and network because you have branded yourself as a serious person.

•Give back to the community.
You may not have money to donate, but you can give back by retweeting their tweets, replying to messages, etc.

This sounds like work but you need to understand that it's worth it. You get out of communities what you give to them. Everything solid was built.

Are there points I missed?
Let me know in the comments.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 16, 2023
Community: your cheat sheet for breaking into Tech.

If you want to get started with Tech correctly, then you should join a Tech community. Advancing in Tech is not a one man thing. You need people.

Where do you find people that can help you become who you want to be in Tech?
In a community 

Here are three reasons you should join a tech community

1. To meet like-minded peers, and make friends in the space.
Association is iimportant if you want to accelerate in any industry. A community makes it easy to meet people who you can build quality friendships with.
2. To access opportunities easily
Details and information about Hackathons, job openings, and free training sessions are shared in Tech communities. You will be doing yourself a lot of disservices if you are not part of one.

3. To access quality mentorship
You will find a lot of experienced mentors in communities. Mentors who know the way, have gone the way and can show you the way are found in communities, There, they offer expert counsel, and help. It's possible that you may not be able to reach them ordinarily, but because of the community, you can reach them.

Community is a cheat sheet. You don't need to make one million mistakes as a beginner in Tech.

Important Information
You get out of a community what you put into it. To leverage community for career growth, you have to be active.

Being active means commenting when need be, engaging with the community's social media content, participating in community activities and attending community events. This is necessary because that's how you get noticed and you differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Some Tech communities have about 30,000 members but majority are not active. Don't join the inactive crew.

Culled from the importance of community in building a Tech career.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 14, 2023
Two ways Blockchain Technology can help a publishing business to achieve its business goals.

Blockchain is a database that has a digital record of information or transactions. Blockchain technology is set to disrupt the ways things are done in almost every industry ranging from FinTech to the publishing industry.

Using or embracing blockchain technology as a publishing company will go a long way in setting up your company as the first among equals. Here are 2 things it will do for you.

1.  build trust, and credibility and establish a solid brand presence amongst your customers.

Intellectual theft is one of the biggest challenges in the publishing industry. It won't continue to be a challenge because the technology that can solve the problem exists. A company that integrates or embraces blockchain Technology, will not only garner more customers /creatives who solidly believe in its solutions but become a bespoke brand in the publishing industry.

2. Fast cross-border payments.

Unlike Cryptocurrencies, Fiat currencies take so much time to process. If your company can accept payments in both Fiat currencies and Cryptocurrencies, then your customers won't have to worry about a thing when it comes to payment.

In conclusion, Blockchain Technology is still in its infancy stages. It's necessary to embrace it now and be among the first to do so. That way, by the time your competitors are trying to get used to it later, you are already ahead.

To embrace it, efforts should be made and invested in research. Keeping up with trends is necessary too since the Blockchain space and its use cases are constantly evolving.

Culled from how Blockchain can help a selected African company.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 13, 2023
What is Web 3?

Yesterday, we talked about the differences between the Web and the Internet. Today, I am going to explain what Web3 is, and how we got to Web3.

Before the World wide web was developed by Tim Berner Lee, the only way to gain real, first-hand information about things was to travel to that place. You can hear rumors about it but if you want to see it for yourself, you have to visit that place.

There was no web so the famous Queen Sheba had to travel to Israel to behold the glamor of Israel and the wealth of King Solomon.

There was no world wide web so you have to go to Rome to watch the Gladiators fight.

Well, it was not a problem for the rich like Queen Sheba who had money to spend but research was costly and time-consuming.

That was a problem.

Tim Berner Lee came up with the idea of a structure that would be hosted on the internet. I mean, since we have something as beautiful as the internet we could be connected, so I don't have to travel to Athens to learn about them. I can travel to Athens but it should be a choice, not compulsory.

Tim's idea was to create a system that will enable the borderless sharing of information. With the internet, the idea was bound to succeed. I mean, it was not only cost-effective but time-saving.

He began working on the idea that turned out to be Web 1.0. It started in 1990 and lasted till 2004.

In this version of the web, people could only read information. They could not share feedback and its use was limited to companies.

Well, it was the kind of thing Tim Berners had in mind but, not exactly. Something needed to be tweaked to make it better.

Web 2 was introduced in 2004.
This is the version of the Web that you are using right now.

 You can create content, share it on social media platforms or websites and get feedback from others. You can share your perspective on topics that are of interest to you.

Well, this version of the Web is centralized. That is, it is owned by a group of individuals who determine what happens to who and what does not happen to who. The individuals here are the Tech companies and the government.

You can easily get banned on Twitter/ LinkedIn for violating their terms of use. Your account could get banned or flagged.

When that happens, you will lose everything.  

Another problem is that you are at the mercy of Tech companies. Policies are made without your opinion. Whatever the Tech company decides is binding except if they decide to change it.

The biggest challenge in Web 2 is the sale of users' data to companies.

The more you use a platform, over time the algorithm learns about you, and what you like. With this information handy, the kind of ads that will be displayed in your feed are only advertisements related to your interests.

The problem with this is that it's mostly without your permission.

To solve these problems, Web 3 was introduced.

Web 3.0 is a decentralized version of the web-based Blockchain Technology. It is not owned by anyone. You get to determine who you give your data to, when, and how.

In Web 3, you will be able to do what was done in Web 1 and Web 2 and so much more. Also, you will get to be part of the decision-makers.

Doesn't that sound awesome?

By the way, do you clearly understand what Web 3 is all about now, and how we got to Web3?
If you are still confused, ask me. I will be glad to help.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 12, 2023
Do you know that the Internet is different from the World Wide Web?

Many people think that the World Wide Web is the same as the internet so they use the word interchangeably.

If you have been doing that, I want you to stop it.
Yes, stop it.

The web is different from the Internet.
The Web is one of the infrastructures built on the Internet. Think of the web as one of the Faculties in your university. In a university, several faculties range from Law, Social Sciences, Medical sciences, Arts, etc.

Each faculty contains several departments within the field which the Faculty covers. For instance, in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, we have 9 departments which are History, Linguistics, Fine and Applied Arts, Music m, Theatre and Film Studies, Archeological and Tourism, Combined Arts, Foreign Languages, English, and Literary studies.

Each department is a specialty in the field of Arts. Relating this to the web, as a faculty, you can do so many things like find information regardless of your geographic location, and access a database with the web. Each use of the web represents a department within a Faculty in the real-world university system.

Now, think of the internet as your university. Some universities have up to three campuses with about 20 faculties that offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Aside from studying Law or History, you can study Medicine at the same university. One structure, which is the University, with different uses and purposes.

It's the same with the internet. With the internet, you are not limited only to the functions the Web can let you do. You can do so much more.

Further, the Web cannot function without the Internet. It is the internet that defines the web. The idea of the web when Tim Berners Lee began to develop its first model in 1989 was to develop a system that would ensure the borderless sharing of information. I am in Enugu state, Nigeria 🇳🇬 but I am sharing this information with you. I am pretty sure you are reading this content from another state in Nigeria, or another country or continent.

This system of borderless information sharing is made possible by the internet. That is why when your data is turned off, you won't be able to send a message to your friend. Also, you would see a pop message on your screen saying, no internet.

With the Internet, you can share information, get entertained, perform borderless transactions and do so much more.

So, know today that the Web is different from the Internet. Don't use the Web in place of the Internet. They are not synonyms. They mean different things.

Did you learn something new today?

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 11, 2023
8 Types of content writing

Yesterday, I talked about how writing is a Tech skill. Today, we will look at the different types. There are so many but I will look at just eight.

1. Copywriting

It's a type of content writing that focuses specifically on making sales. It's the type of content you see in advertisements. This type of content persuades the audience to buy a product which could be digital or physical, submit their emails, and register for a course or an event.

2. Creative Writing
It is a form of writing that involves telling stories. Examples are poetry writing, short story writing, novel writing, etc.

3. Technical writing
The goal of this type of writing is to educate the audience on how to use a particular product. FAQs, how-to guides, and troubleshooting guides are examples of Technical content writing. In most cases, having technical skills or knowledge of coding is an advantage in the industry.

4. Ghostwriting
Here, you write a blog post or an ebook on behalf of someone but you will not receive credit for it. That is your name will not appear as the author of the ebook, rather the name of the person who hired you will be the author.

5. Scriptwriting
This is writing content for audio production like podcasts or video content like short clips, short movies, animations, etc.

6. Long-form content writing
This is writing content for e-books, blogs, etc. It's called long-form content writing because the word count is usually more than 500 words.

7. Email/Newsletter writing
I believe that you are familiar with reading emails. Many young people have this habit of checking their emails every morning. Usually, brands communicate and maintain connections with their audience via email through newsletters. The art of writing content for emails or newsletters is Newsletter/ Email content writing.

8. Social media writing
This form of writing is usually short and targeted toward the audience on social media. The social media platform is taken into consideration while writing. This is because most social media platforms have word counts. Also, the type of content that performs well varies according to social media platforms.

As I mentioned there are so many types of content writing, but they all have an aim which is to educate, inform and entertain.
Most importantly, it is geared towards achieving a business goal which could be to generate leads or get people to take certain actions.

So, which type of content writing would you like to learn?

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 10, 2023
Is content writing a Tech skill?

When I learned about Tech in 2021, the only tech skills blogs I read mentioned were product design, UI/UX design, Data Science, product management, Front end, Backend, and full stack development. I believed them because these were mostly the skills for which scholarships were awarded to people so they could learn them, and increase their earning power.

So I thought that content writing was not a tech skill. I tried to learn how to design, but I could not. I tried my hands on practically almost every tech skill but none worked for me then. Maybe because I was a student, and I had other things that disrupted my learning.

However, I was making money from writing content and I was using tech tools like Grammarly, etc.
After being kicked out of a Bootcamp for not knowing how to code, I decided to engage in deep-quality research. I found out that content writing is a Tech skill and that I could build a career in tech with it. 

I was interested in coding but something that I can't explain kept drawing me to mastering writing. I think it could be that I was not properly informed that content writing is not just a Tech skill but a lucrative and relevant Tech skill. Based on the new information, I am moving into marketing.

What is a Tech skill?
According to Indeed, Tech skills are hard skills that are necessary to perform specific job-related tasks, and it involves specialized knowledge and expertise in information technology, computers, engineering, research, analytics, programming, marketing, design, security, and computer science.

Traditional Plumbing is not a Tech skill but a plumber who wants to utilize the opportunity of the Internet to go global will require skilled individuals.  For instance, if he wants to build an app where people could easily book him for plumbing services or order plumbing materials, he needs a Tech team, a designer, a front-end developer, etc.

Is content writing a Tech skill?
Let's start by explaining what content writing is. To do that, it's crucial to understand what writing is. Writing is simply putting together words in form of sentences in a manner that educates, informs, and entertains. Content writing is simply putting together words in a manner that cates, informs, and entertains the audience on a particular subject matter.

It is different from hobby writing. This is because you have some business goals to achieve like generating leads, and getting people to take certain actions as the case may be. So to hit these goals, you need to conduct proper research on the subject matter, consider your target audience, understand the brand value proposition, consider what your competition is doing, and understand how search engines work

Yes, content writing is a tech skill. 

1. It requires specialized knowledge and expertise to get it done.

 It is classified as a nontechnical skill. You don't need to understand coding to write content, but if you want to become a Technical writer, understanding programming languages is a very big advantage.

2. You can build a career in Tech as a content writer.
So many SEO specialists began as content writers. Same with Digital marketers, content managers, content marketers, social media managers, social media marketers, community managers, UX writers, and Copywriters

3. It's easy to transition into any role you want as a content writer because writing is part of sales/marketing. 

It's one of the ways that you get the whole world to know of the products you have to offer.
How did we get to know about ChatGPT?
Through content.

Imagine that Elon and the other builders decided not to talk about it or decided to talk about it using a programming language, will you be able to understand or even it?
Through content, they marketed their offer to us and we bought the idea.

There are not so many scholarships out there teaching content writing. I learned on my own. I did not even value it even though it was what kept my head above the water. I felt it was not a tech skill. After, doing my research, I decided to take it seriously in 2023.

I don't know your core skill but before coming to conclusions or waving them off, do intensive research. Just because blogs have not written about it or added it as a tech skill does not mean it is not.

 I added traditional to traditional plumbing in a previous sentence because the world is constantly evolving, thanks to Science and Technology. As a result, you can't rule out or say a skill is not a Tech skill. Anything can happen.

Remember, that blogs were written by humans, in some cases with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. Writing is usually done out of the information available to the writer at the time of writing. Not all writers and bloggers update the information on their blogs with new information. So, do your research.

Do you believe now that content writing is a Tech skill?

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 9, 2023
Top 4 gadgets that can make your Tech journey seamless.

Tech is leverage for everyone, but you need to understand the tools needed to access the opportunities it presents. The tools are called gadgets. 

There are numerous gadgets but I will talk about four gadgets that will make your Tech journey seamless, and help you to leverage Tech to achieve your business goals and professional goals.

1. A good smartphone 

Chances are that you already have one. Having a good smartphone is non-negotiable. It's a basic gadget and something you can start your Tech journey with as you save to obtain more gadgets. A good Smartphone will perform basic functions because it has amazing features.

2. Power bank/Inverter/Solar panel

Power is just like Oxygen in the Tech ecosystem. You need a constant power supply to work in and with Tech.

If you are living in a region where a constant power supply is not available, it's important to take proactive steps to obtain alternatives like power banks, inverters, or solar panels.

A power bank is a portable charger designed to be an alternative source of power to your phone and tech gadgets especially when you are on the go. They come in various sizes and capacities.

An Inverter is a device that converts electrical power into an alternative source of power. In cases of power cuts, the inverter provides an alternative source of power.

Solar panels are devices that are used to absorb sunlight and convert them into heat or electricity.

Depending on your budget, you can get any of these gadgets in a local store or online.

3. A Mi-Fi

I did not know I needed a Mi-Fi till I lost an internship role because of poor network connectivity. It was very painful but I have moved on.

With a Mi-Fi, you have access to better mobile internet connectivity. A Mi-Fi is a device that provides easy and fast access to the internet.

4. A Laptop/Desktop
A Laptop/Desktop is very necessary even when you already have an amazing smartphone. There are some features on certain apps that are not available on the mobile version/mobile apps.
In addition, performing every task with your phone may overburden it and make it crash.

You can start your journey with just what you have right now, but make efforts to save to purchase gadgets as their need arises.

Let me know in the comments section if this post was helpful.

Amarachukwu Grace
Amarachukwu Grace Awaeze
Jan 7, 2023
Top 3 reasons you should Take Tech seriously as a Business owner

Your company may not be as big as Google. It may just be only you or you and 2-5 employees. Regardless of the category your business belongs to, you need to take Tech seriously.

Before you say that Tech is not for you or that you are not an online person, it's necessary to understand that Technology is the practical application of science to solve human problems. Its goal is to help us achieve our goals, and make our lives better.

For instance, Facebook and other social media apps were built by Tech companies to encourage social interactions. You can maintain a connection with an old schoolmate and connect and interact with new people regardless of their geographic location.

Aside from social interactions, you can also leverage social media apps to grow your business. These social media apps are products of science applied practically to solve human problems.

If you can purchase an item on Jumia or your favorite e-commerce store, then you can use Tech to achieve your business goals. So, let's talk about the top three reasons you should pay attention to Tech as a business owner.

1. To reduce the cost of running a business and increase profit.
There are so many innovative, cost-effective ways of doing things, thanks to Tech. Instead of having a million paperback business journals for recording business transactions, you could use a Spreadsheet or another preferred app. It's even more accurate. You can choose to have both, though. The point is that there are better cost-effective ways of doing things, thanks to Tech.

Also, Tech has made automation possible. You can understand how e-commerce works and leverage it to ensure seamless borderless business transactions.

2. To connect to your target audience and prospects.
With Tech,  you can reach so many people. Tech has created room for borderless business transactions. With a simple website, someone in the United States can view what you have to offer and decide whether to patronize you or not. 

With an email list, you can collate the email addresses of the potential audience, and your customers for constant communication. You can tell them about your offerings, gifts, discounts, new products, and arrivals. 

In addition, your customers can share feedback that can help you to understand their needs,  improve your products, and tailor your offerings toward their needs.

3. For exponential business growth and expansion.

Understanding how online marketing works will help you to achieve your business goals. The internet has made a lot of things possible. With many people using the internet regularly, there is an opportunity for you to grow your business and expand to other countries.

The benefits of Tech are numerous and that is why you should pay attention to it. With breakthroughs in Research and advancements in Artificial Intelligence, the possibilities are endless. So take it seriously.

I am in Enugu state but you are reading this content from where you are right now, thanks to Tech. Imagine that I decided not to take leverage Tech to share what I know, it will be a great disservice to you and me.

 For one, you will not be able to access this information, and two, you will not know I have this kind of information and not be able to reach me.  Make up your mind to leverage Tech seriously and leverage it for business growth. 

Will you start taking Tech Seriously?
Let me know in the comment session.